Love your skin

Love your skin
02 nov 2020

Beauty routine: what it is and why consistency is important

Healthy and radiant skin, free of wrinkles, spots and other signs of ageing, is every woman's dream! But to achieve this goal, you don't need to resort to the cosmetic surgeon: often simple habits, regularly repeated rituals, are enough to obtain surprising results.

But what is a beauty routine? How does it work? How much time should I invest in it? And why? Asking yourself these questions is a good sign and means you're on the right track to getting started.

What is a beauty routine, and why is it important?

The beauty routine for the skin, also known as the skincare routine, consists of a series of actions dedicated to facial care. It's a kind of "declaration of love" to our skin whereby we promise to take care of it, every day.

Along with diet and physical activity, the daily beauty routine is essential for ageing "successfully" and keeping the skin in shape by preventing the signs of ageing. And of course, this is also important for increasing self-esteem and feeling better about yourself and others.

Down with laziness!

In the morning, when you're late, it's easy to give in to the temptation to wash your face in the shower with any cleanser, and forget to use the right treatments. Similarly, when you're tired and getting ready to go to bed, you might think it's enough just to "rinse" your face, then clean it properly in the morning – but this isn't good for the skin.

Only a regular and well-structured routine produces consistent results. Trying a product once or twice and expecting immediate results is essentially the stuff of fantasy.

For the sake of our skin, a minimum effort is needed, and laziness must be put aside!

Personalisation is best...

It is essential for every woman to create her own beauty routine. This "beauty ritual" always follows basically the same steps, but everyone's skin is different, and each routine must be personalised using the most suitable products according to your needs.

Morning & Evening

There are basically two times of day to devote to daily face care: morning and evening. These are two very different times. In the morning, we need to awaken our skin and prepare it for the stress of the day, while in the evening we have to purify it from make-up, smog and impurities and help it regenerate.

Day skincare routine

  1. Keyword: cleansing.
    Cleansing the face is the first essential step in taking care of the skin. A good cleanser purifies deeply by removing impurities and toxins, opening the pores and allowing proper oxygenation of the tissues.

  2. The toner.
    The toner is often forgotten and considered an "unnecessary" step. Nothing could be further from the truth! This lightly exfoliating lotion gently frees the skin surface of toxins, dead cells and cleanser residues, and stimulates cell renewal.

  3. Serums make the difference.
    One of the main developments in the world of cosmetics in recent years has been serums: concentrates rich in active ingredients that enhance and complete the action of traditional facial treatments. Using an antioxidant serum stimulates collagen production and helps protect the skin from spots and ageing caused by UV rays. For dry or combination skin, a pure hyaluronic acid serum rebalances hydration levels by strengthening the face cream and giving the skin greater elasticity.

  4. Face and eye contour cream
    Now that the skin is clean and the serums have regenerated it, it's time to use an age-appropriate anti-ageing face cream.
    Eye contour cream is another product that's often forgotten, out of laziness or to save money: but this is a mistake because the skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of the face and has a slower microcirculation, which must be stimulated and drained.Finally, in the case of skin spots or during the spring-summer period, it's important to apply a layer of sunscreen, which has been proven to prevent premature ageing over time.


Night skincare routine

  1. Cleansing
    Cleansing your face is essential before going to bed. Removing make-up is a must to prevent impurities and make-up residues obstructing the pores of the skin and limiting its oxygenation.

  2. Exfoliation
    In the evening, periodically, it's essential to take cleansing to a deeper level by using a peel or scrub that removes the layer of dead skin cells. This step smooths fine wrinkles and prepares the skin for subsequent treatments, improving their effectiveness.

  3. Balancing hydration
    Before going to bed, it's essential to make sure the skin is sufficiently hydrated and elastic, to cope with the "battle" our face will have with the pillow. The skin getting squeezed during sleep is, in fact, what causes many of the signs of ageing. Using a pure hyaluronic acid serum gives your skin elasticity and prevents night-time loss of moisture.

  4. Night cream
    To conclude your night beauty ritual, use a specific face cream for the night, which acts during sleep by repairing the damage accumulated during the day.

A dose of psychology

We know what you're thinking: "I'll never manage to be consistent, a routine like this is too complex for me!" Don't worry, you need to know that 21 consistent days are enough for your brain to change a habit and create a new one, which becomes familiar and automatic.


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